Heavy David, The Man of Garbage

Heavy David claims everything that’s thrown away in Crystal Town as his. At dusk he pushes around his huge cart by hand, collecting rubbish. He never takes anything that still has an owner, somehow sensing the difference between lost and discarded. His vast size is threatening enough that most do not dare to challenge his garbage ownership.  His home is his warehouse, a deep cavern dug into a hillside on the outskirts of town.  Beyond a small reception room, Heavy David permits no further entry.  He’s been in Crystal Town for longer than living memory but hasn’t learnt much of the language, remaining monosyllabic.  Rumors abound as to the treasures that lurk amongst his refuse horde.

rpg-blog-carnivalHeavy David has been created for the RPG Blog Carnival and is an NPC for the 6d6 RPG.Explore the creature’s Character Sheet on the 6d6 RPG wiki.