Why Buy The 6d6 RPG?

D For Difference

An adventure is a journey into the unknown.

To experience the excitement and thrill of the new we must go beyond the familiar and off the beaten track. From game mechanics to visual style to subject matter, all our writers and artists are carving their own creative paths.

The 6d6 Difference

Creative independence is at the heart of everything 6d6 does.

6d6 RPG: Fun, Easy, Fast

The 6d6 RPG is one of the most innovative role-playing games for years and a hit at the UK conventions, clubs and stores. Its speed of play, creative role-playing and ability to handle any setting or genre have all been praised.

But don’t take our word for it, checkout the reviews:

“surprisingly intuitive” – Andrew Gridwood, Geek Native

“a real gem of a game system” – Brian I, DriveThruRPG

“Paths and Advantages, giving enough structure to skills and advancement to make complex characters, whilst encouraging roleplay” – Colin W, DriveThruRPG

“6d6 RPG is an excellent universal role-playing game. It delivers on its promise of being fast and fun.” – Sophia Brandt, Die Heart

“These core rules are well written and the layout is clean and modern looking.” – Ryan P, DriveThruRPG

What Makes the 6d6 RPG so Good?

The heart of the 6d6 RPG is the system of Advantages and Potential.

Potential controls how much a character can do and changes according to the situation. Use too much on a single action or takes lots of little actions in a short space of time and a character will run short. This may leave the character vulnerable but potential is built up by not acting and can quickly be regained. This gives play a more natural and dynamic ebb and flow.


Advantages are a character’s individual strengths, tricks and knowledge that they can use in an action. Individually, advantages are weak but their power comes from how they are combined. A warrior may use Brawn + Weapon Expertise + Longsword to strike an opponent; a spacecraft pilot may use Problem Solving + Navigation + Astrophysics + Computer Use to plot a course; a Private Eye may use Intimidate + Quick Wits to make a perp talk.

The power and role-playing potential of the 6d6 RPG comes from what is and is not covered in the rules. Potential is tightly defined because it keeps the game fair and balanced. Advantages and how they are combined is limited only by the player’s imagination and their ability to justify a combination to the other players.

The 6d6 Difference

The heart of the 6d6 RPG is the powerful system of potential and advantages.

Simplicity & Depth


6d6 is so simple to learn and fast to play because there is only one mechanic. Flying a spaceship, casting a spell, scaling a wall, stabbing someone or bluffing your way into a secret cult are all handled the same way. Spend Potential to combine Advantages and add their dice together. The opponent does the same to set a target to beat. The degree of success, e.g. the damage done, is the difference between the two.


For extra speed of play any special rules for specific advantages, such as Fast Talk ability are kept short and simple so their full text can be easily included on the character sheet. Everything the player needs to know is on their character sheet which keeps the game moving quickly.

Proven Quality

The 6d6 RPG has been refined through years of play-testing, player feedback and two successful Kickstarters.


The 6d6 Core is supported by 6d6 Modern with 66 character paths for any human-centric setting. In the 100 Monster Bestiary there are monsters from every genre and settings, ready to face the players. These are supported by eight adventures covering everything from traditional dungeons to combatless modern horror.

The 6d6 RPG has just expanded again with the 196 pages Age of Legends campaign setting for epic adventures in Ancient Greece.

Please Pirate Our PDFs

We live in a digital world where sharing and re-mixing things are easy. Why do so many games companies resist this? At 6d6 we embrace the digital world can offer which is why you are free to share and re-mix everything we publish.


All 6d6’s books and games are under the Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA). This means you can legally share the rules with as many people as you like. Edit the rules how you like and even sell the rules if you want. The only conditions are that you credit 6d6 for the original work and you also release everything under the CC-BY-SA license.

The 6d6 Online Wiki is not just a tool for 6d6, it is open to anyone who buys our product. When a buyer registers for the Living Document Promise, they automatically get full membership of 6d6 Online. Every member has their own private area but can also edit any other part of the wiki so everyone can be involved improving and expanding the game system. That is how 6d6 writers like Ben Jackson, Kieran Kowalski, Mark Fost and James Foster got published.

The 6d6 Difference

You are free to share, re-use, re-mix anything 6d6 publishes.

6d6 Is Different

  • Easy To Learn and Fast To Play
  • Flexible
  • Living Document Promise
  • Share, Edit, Re-Mix, Create

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