The Garbage Gardener

A small little humanoid, barely 2 feet tall, that’s obsessed with what others throw away.  From amongst it’s rags can be seen six arms, two legs and many eyes.  When the arrive on a planet, it will search for a location of no natural beauty.  It then begins to collect refuse, sometimes going tens of miles in search of a certain piece of debris.  The garbage is packed, cut, shaped and crafted into an ornate three dimensional garden that continually expands as the gardener adds more garbage.  Most governments leave gardeners alone, as their work helps to with reduce authority refuse collection demands.  On crowded worlds the gardens can be problem and their are rumours of small planets that have been completely covered by a colony of gardeners.  A garbage gardener will happily trade anything from their gardens for rare rubbish.

The Garbage Gardener has been created for the RPG Blog Carnival and is an NPC for the 6d6 RPG. Explore the creature’s Character Sheet on the 6d6 RPG wiki.