About 6d6

Established 2008

Orgalmir displays his "weapons"

6d6 (then called 6d6 Fireball) started because a couple of gamers (Chris Tregenza and Rob Grimly) wanted to take their hobby to the next level. Rather than producing 28mm miniatures and writing games just for themselves, they want to share them with the world (for a modest fee). We launched a blog and a small range of figures which people liked but not many people purchased.

Over the the next couple of years 6d6’s focus shifted to publishing adventures, initially to promote the figures. Our oldest adventure (Savage Island) started life as D&D 3.5 demonstrate game featuring monsters and pre-gen characters from our figure range. The trouble was, D&D was too restrictive and like many gamers, Chris always had a desire to created his own game system.

1st Edition 6d6 RPG


The first published version of the 6d6 RPG was a radical departure from other games. It used a unique card based mechanic and was supported by the 6d6 Online system which help players create their own cards. People loved the game, it offered freedom and flexibility with just enough crunch. However, the production and postage costs were phenomenal, even a basic adventure required hundreds of cards for the pre-gens and it wasn’t viable as a product.

The Kickstarter Years


The solution was simple. Take the core ideas behind the 1st edition (combining advantages and moving cards) and turn them into a form we could publish in a traditional book and character sheet. It turned out the solution was easy. Rather than cards which the players move around there are tokens a character moves around to indicate which advantages they are combining on the character sheet. Add in a few more refinements based on the hundreds of hours of play testing we had done with the 1st edition and the 2nd Edition 6d6 RPG was born.

Kickstarter Number 1

In 2012 we launched a Kickstarter to publish the 2nd edition of the 6d6 RPG and republish updated versions of our existing adventures (Savage Island, Mince Pies & Murder, Quantum Flux and Outbreak. We also hit our stretch goals so we added an expanded bestiary (100 Monster Bestiary), an expanded modern settings (Dungeon of Demon Strata and The Road To Petra.

The truth is that we bit off more than we can chew with the Kickstarter. Writing the updated and expanded books was easy but we were also raising the quality of our production. The editing and layout of books took much, much longer than anticipated and the Kickstarter was delivered late but we did deliver and everyone got what they paid for.

Kickstarter Number 2


In 2015 we launched our second RPG kickstarter – Age of Legends. This project had been in development from 2011, back in the card-based days of the 1st edition but as the system evolved, so did Age of Legends. This was the first full setting book for the 6d6 RPG and it funded in just over a day.