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How long do you spend generating monsters?

DM’s Tools

6d6 Fireball is pleased to announced the launch of Dingle’s Games. This site is run by Paul, our long time friend and gaming partner. Paul is combining his 20+ years experience as a programmer with with 30 years experience as a gamer to create a variety of DM’s Tools. Software that makes the GMs and players lives easier.

The first tool out of bag is a D&D 3.5 Monster Generator which does exactly what the name suggests. It creates monsters with classes and it does it FAST.

Fast Monster Generation

Speed really is the killer feature in this monster generator. In the time it took me to create one monster by hand I can generate ten or twenty different monsters. Either fine tuning the same monster until I get the perfect creature to terrorise my players with or creating a dungeon’s worth of monsters to rival any party. Paul was putting the finishing touches to the tool as I was running the last couple of sessions of my Rome campaign, and even in that brief time I found it immensely useful.

A great feature of this DM’s tool is that it is online. There is nothing to download. There are no worries about viruses or that the monster generator won’t run on your machine. What’s more, you can use it at work (in your lunch hour of course).

The monster generator is FREE to use and follows all the rules of D&D 3.5 for creating monsters with classes. Paul is planning to add more features, some of which may only be available for a small fee. He is also considering adding NPC and PC generators for D&D 3.5. Tools for other games systems such as Pathfinder and D&D 4.0 will follow.

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