Miniature Skirmish Games

Whilst WotC have dropped the game aspect from their miniature range, other manufactures are pushing on with miniature orinatated skirmish / board-games.

Combat Zone

Combat Zone is a science-fiction skirmish game where smalls units of humans, aliens, robots, zombies and much, much more fight it out. This sort of skirmish games is the middle ground between RPGs and Wargaming. Rather than large massed ranks of troops, this is fighting that is up-close and personal.

Unbridled Fury

If your tastes run towards fantasy rather than SF, then Unbridled Fury will appeal. This game is still under-development but it is up to version 0.8 and a PDF of the rules is free to download. The rules are well laid out and written though the thankfully rare artwork leaves a lot to be desired.

The key thing about this game is that it is generic. It doesn’t have the background scenario or a set list of valid monsters that some games systems (e.g. anything by Games Workshop) force on you.


If you want nazis, zombies, black magic, doomsday devices and an alternate history, then Incursion is the game for you. Unlike Combat Zone and Unbridled Fury, this is a very tightly plotted game. Overall it is closer to a board game than a skirmish game.

Image Credit – Skirmish by Ian Turk – CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0