DayTrippers Cover

DayTrippers Review

DayTrippers by Tod Foley is a science fiction game of reality hopping, first published June 2015 and available at This review covers the Core Rules and the Gamemaster’s Guide.  There’s a wealth of supporting material available on the website that’s worth checking out – including adventures and story generators.

Christmas Is Murder

A Christmas present from 6d6 to tabletop gamers everywhere Our gift to you is a free download of our blood-soaked Christmas whodunit mystery – Mince Pies & Murder. Because nothing says Christmas like a spot of murder. Six famous detectives are invited to spend Christmas with a notorious but dying

OSR / D&D Sewer Resources

A quick round up of free OSR /D&D adventures in sewers part of this month’s sewer & waste themed RPG Blog Carnival The Lair has a random sewer encounter table for you Two page sewer map and descriptions from Dyson Logos Also from Dyson this crypts & sewers map, our

Rubbish NPC

Heavy David, The Man of Garbage

Heavy David claims everything that’s thrown away in Crystal Town as his. At dusk he pushes around his huge cart by hand, collecting rubbish. He never takes anything that still has an owner, somehow sensing the difference between lost and discarded. His vast size is threatening enough that most do

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