White Tiger Warrior

Rasmika Joyanto – White Tiger Paladin of the Moon

Rasmika comes from shores further away than those you’ve heard of. She gets that question a lot being a two and half metre tall white tiger person in armour with a very large sword. Thankfully her diplomatic passport from The Shining Kingdom sees her past official trouble even if the gate guards haven’t heard of the kingdom or even the continent it’s on. When asked for details about her fact finding mission, Rasmika simply replies “Prophecy”.

She’s not being deliberately vague, prophecy is genuinely all she has to go on. Previously she was a tutor at Great Tree Point Academy where she taught divine theory and defensive fighting to aspiring paladins and clerics of Otone. That changed very quickly and perhaps a bit suddenly when the youngest daughter of the Crown Prince had a seizure and yelled forth a prophecy of a coming darkness from a distant land. The cartographers determined that here was that distant land and the astrologers calculated that Rasmika was the “hero of white and pure fire.” Rasmika was given promotion to Captain, fitted out with the best armour available and then given a rushed sending off ceremony at the dockside. Her mission is to travel Trasnverne trying to match events, people and places to the prophecy and so far she’s found nothing.

Rasmika splits the rest of her hours between her duty and her passions. As a paladin of Otone, the moon deity of Law and Light, Rasmika is charged with enforcement of the law and the destruction of evil. The first was easier done in the Shining Kingdom as its laws were part of Rasmika ’s upbringing and training. The many city states of Trasnverne each have their own particular legal variations and with Rasmika having no jurisdiction, she’s had to be very careful when getting involved in local affairs. Twice she’s been attacked by the guards when stopping a crime as they’ve rushed in and assumed she was the villain. The destruction of evil has been easier to carry out as everyone agrees on how to deal with bandits and zombies.

Her great passion is food, of which she can eat a lot. She may miss the dishes of her homeland but Trasnverne has provided her with a cornucopia of new taste both refined and simple. She’s a big fan of the spiced roasted meats on the bone but finds the pies dry and awkward to eat with her large hands and mouth. Her only real complaint is that no one in the city states knows how to properly make herbal flower tea. The local flora is almost perfect for the task, so Rasmika often goes foraging for ingredients. Her experiments on combinations have yielded much success though there’s one little lavender flower she avoids. When she boiled it the fumes alone left her in a pleasant chilled fugue state for the entire morning. One particular local dish she’s really taken to is sweet pork jerky and she can often be found chewing on it as she watches the world go past as her tea brews.

Currently, Rasmika would like to get out of this cell. Small for a human, it’s unpleasantly cramped for her and smells of diseased rats. She’s sized up the door and reckons that she would be able to break out if she wanted to. She’s staying put for now, as her Paladin’s oath requires her to respect the law. But that respect has limits. The son of the guard commander was bullying and attacking merchants in the square in broad daylight when Rasmika requested he stop. He broke his wrist when his punch connected with Rasmika ’s armour and when the guards finally appeared they arrested her, not him. If the magistrate does not clear her of the charges, then she will be forced to declare the justice in the city to be corrupt and depart on her terms.

Image Credit – White Tiger Warrior by MuratCALIS – CC-BY-NC-ND-3.0