Nyra Greyflight – Hadian Moth Fairy Cleric

Nyra is quite excited today. She’s quite excited most days and is always chatting about what new thing she’s discovered or experience or is looking forward to. Everything is quite new to her as this is her first tour of duty as a cleric of Hades. A moth fairy from the Blossom Forests, her clan have been faithful in the service of Hades for more generations then they have records of. Nyra has been training since her teenage years to perform funerals for all denominations, offer last rites, give palliative care and bring Hades’ adamantine justice to those practising the foul arts of necromancy and undeath. She left her clan behind but a year ago and got passage on a coastal freighter down to Youp-on-Cliff.

Her sunny and cheerful disposition juxtaposed oddly with the sombre styles of her dress. Nyra shrugs off criticism of this as she rightly points out that respecting the deep loss of others doesn’t mean being dour all the time yourself. It’s important to enjoy life as Hades knows a mortal’s time is short. And Youp-on-Cliff is just the place to experience soo many new arts and performances. Nyra visits every gallery, theatre, museum and performer in the port whenever there’s anything new. Her little pale green glow is now a fixture of Youp-on-Cliff’s art scene.

It is the ballet that has utterly captured her imagination, from when she saw a performance of The Steel Orphan. Though she knows she’s too tiny to join the performers on stage, she’s being paying for private lessons from the junior choreographer, Tiovanni. They reckon that she’ll be able to put on a solo show soon, but likely as a street performance rather than on the ballet stage. Tiovanni has become particularly enthused by the possibilities offered by incorporating Nyra’s wings and flight into a routine. Nyra had to make her own ballet shoes as there aren’t any cobblers in the city with nimble enough fingers to make them as tiny as needed. Nyra is now a regular backstage for the weekend performances and few of the dancers have taken to asking for a sprinkle of dust for good luck.

When her clerical duties require her to take up arms against those who defile the boundary between life and death, she prefers to stay at a distance. Though the draw force on her shortbow is tiny to match her strength, it’s enchanted with selectable elemental effects and she’s blessed the needle-like arrows. Her Hadian spell set included the usual healing suite with various cleansing fires. Naturally nimble and graceful, Nyra aschews heavy armours that would slow her down or hinder her flying. She does carry a stiletto dagger just in case.

Adventure hooks – 

  • The funeral rites for a sailor from distant land aren’t in the local library. Please escort Nyra to a local monastery for her research. 
  • A string of bad luck has struck the ballet company and Nyra is desperate for help to prove to the superstitious trope that it’s nothing to do with her.
  • Nyra needs some melee metal and strength to clear out some zombies from the crypts.

Image Credit – Tiny Dancer by HeartGear CC-BY-NC-3.0