Be the Beast – Five Faiths

You are unhappy, say the priests of the beast, because you are not in communion with your origins. Our modern lives have taken us away from nature and we must return to it so we can become beasts again. The Ones Who Follow the Beast live deep within the rainforest, far from anything made of metal or plastic. They reject all of civilizations developments since the stone age, seeing them as unnatural. They live in caves and survive by hunting and gathering.

Five Faiths for RPGs

Beliefs and religions to encounter or follow.

New members are not allowed to join the commune until they have demonstrated their freedom and skill in carefully design stages. The commune cannot afford to support those who do not know how to live with nature. In camps across the the world, adherents are slowly stripped of civilization and taught the skills they will need. Each stage sees the recruit regress through an age of civilisation until they return to a primal state. Recruitment is highly passive, with only a simple website that gives the address of the first camp where new starters will auction their possessions to fund their progress to freedom.

Once in the jungle, members follow a ritualised existence. They leave to hunt at dawn, seeking meat armed with just wooden spears. After noon they gather fruit and root vegetables before beginning the ritual of fire. Every evening, The Ones Who Follow the Beast create a great fire to cook with. Whilst their food cooks, they dance and sing until the the fires dies. They sing of the freedom of the beast and they sing of those who claimed the ultimate reward; death by predator.

Plot hooks

  • A new cave complex has been discovered not far from camp and should be explored.
  • Find the cult and produce a documentary about it.

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