The Order of the Dark – Five Faiths

The Order of the Dark live on the Kuiper Belt Object 2010_KZ39. They’ve fixed the rotation of the rock and have built their cathedral so that it faces away from the object of their hatred, the Sun. The order believe that the Sun is the source of all evil in the solar system, that its light only corrupts and prevents you from seeing what is truly there. Even though they are so far out that the Sun is just a bright star in the sky, they prefer to have several kilometres of ice and rock between them and it.

Five Faiths for RPGs

Beliefs and religions to encounter or follow.

To avoid even the contamination of starlight, the habitat has no external windows and the outside is five metres of plasticrete. The inside is lowly lit but is otherwise comfortable and spacious. As they are defined more by aversion than devotion, there is little organised ceremony amongst the members. They meet weekly to communally air their solar grievances and spend the rest of time maintaining the habitat or in virtual reality. The VR simulation is tied to a hyper computer network. Whilst inside the darkist is able to enjoy activities free form solar interference and the simulation uses part of the user’s brain as processing power. The majority of the order’s funds come from selling time on the hyper computer to those wanting to perform expensive calculations.

The order is distrustful of outsiders and has only accepted at most a dozen new members since the original forty six built the cathedral. No one has left. They don’t actively recruit, but do have a social media presence through which they interact with the rest of civilization. With limited space on 2010_KZ39, the Order of the Dark have no interest in welcoming someone who does not fully understand and accept their mishelioism.

Plot hooks

  • There’s a problem with the hyper computer and it’s affected the virtual reality.
  • Infiltrate the cult and extract information from the virtual reality.

Image Credit – Lighted Candle by Rahul – PEXELS LICENSE