28 Heroines – Wahida Pachachi

Discovering she was a descendant of the ancient Djinn wasn’t what Wahida was expecting as a present for her twenty fifth birthday. That her air elemental powers manifested in front of the entire village really didn’t help. Before then she was doing quite well as an author of romance novels. Now the call her Easifa, wind guardian of Trubah. Her inherited powers give her command of the winds. Personally she can create gusts powerful enough to move heavy blocks and perform great leaps. With concentration she can influence weather patterns but the effort leaves her exhausted for days.

28 Heroines

RPG character inspiration for each day in February. Heroines with personality, depth and a problem to resolve.

Rescue the cow, find the child, divert the sandstorm. Wahida enjoys that she can help save so many people and she understands that the villagers are proud to call one of their own a superhero, something they normally only read about in news from the big cities. They built her a new house, insisting that she move out of the second story flat she’d bought with the sale of her first book. Wahida worries that admiration will turn to a fascination that will lead to further alienation from the people she grew up with. Everytime an old friend calls her Easifa, she’s separated just that little bit more from her childhood.

day 23 wahida pachachi

Image Credit – Sanari – The Half Djinn Maiden by pyrasterran – CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0