28 Heroines – Opal Green

Spilling blood earns you water. Sometimes it’s a lot of water, sometimes it’s only enough to fill you canteen. Opal likes to take the bigger jobs so that she can spend more time in the shade away from the parched desert outside. It’s too hot out there and you’ll sweat through your rations faster than you can earn them. Opal gets most of her contracts from the water cartels. The delainsation plants pay better but the water tastes weird compared to what the dew farmers offer. Amongst the thieves wanted for stealing water they are raiders, lunatics, cultists and generally anyone the cartels want out of the cities.

28 Heroines

RPG character inspiration for each day in February. Heroines with personality, depth and a problem to resolve.

This thief she’s currently tracking has really annoyed her. The fool keeps moving around during the day, making him hard to track. If the reward wasn’t so great, Opal would have given up by now. But three months’ worth of water is keeping her invested. She caught them in a snare trap last night and found a set of keys on the corpse. The rules on water hoards are pretty simple; you keep a 10% finders share and hand in the rest. Opal’s been wandering around the thief’s bunker for an hour now, slightly stunned. There’s enough water here to last her two years and she’s the only one that knows about it.

Day 15 Opal Green

Image Credit – lady bounty hunter by ashleyboonePierce – used with permission