28 Heroines – Nuru Nzokira

Nuru is the furthest from home any member of her family has ever been. True, she’s also the furthest any human has ever been but as she looks up at a new star through the haze of a new atmosphere on a new planet, she finds herself thinking about her grandparents’ bookshop. She spent a lot of time there after school, waiting for her parents to finish work. Despite her grandparents’ best efforts, they could never get her interested in fiction. It was the textbooks, the biographies, the travelogues and the histories that held her attention. Fact was always more fascinating to her than fiction. If asked, she just wondered aloud at how much there was to learn.

28 Heroines

RPG character inspiration for each day in February. Heroines with personality, depth and a problem to resolve.

And now here she is. The first to travel faster than light, the first to be illuminated by a star not Sol and the first to make boot prints on an exoplanet. Her life would be a fascinating fact for the next generation of children to read about. Nuru turned back on her recording gear and got back to work taking measurements of everything nearby. There was a lot of work to do as her ship had been only large enough for one person, so experimental and power hungry was the technology. It would take weeks for the ship to build up enough charge to send her on the three month return trip. It was a good job she had plenty of books left to read.

Day 14 Nuru Nzokira

Image Credit – Spacesuit #03123 by Nakuman – CC-NC-ND-3.0