28 Heroines – Disa Sundström

Disa’s first memory is of the whirr and click of the tiny exoskeleton her aunt Ella gave her for her third birthday. Custom built by Ella’s robotics company, it let little Disa sit up for the first time. A rare genetic condition mean Disa’s larger muscles would never be able to move and support her body. Now she would be able to walk and feed herself.

28 Heroines

RPG character inspiration for each day in February. Heroines with personality, depth and a problem to resolve.

Seventeen year old Disa is now on the 62nd version of her exoskeleton and she continues to improve it. Her interest in her own robotics led to a fascination with all forms of engineering. She became a fixture at her aunt’s factory from the age of twelve, happily sat drawing in the design suite or on the shop floor watching the assembly machines. Her relationship with her aunt Ella has become strained in recent months as Disa has pursued an interest in explosives. Ella wants nothing to do with anything that could be weaponized. Disa doesn’t care about combat but finds herself drawn to anything that lets her magnify her affect on the world around her.

Her accidentally blasting the side off a mountain with a stray shot from a homemade launcher earned the interest of the Star Navy. They’re willing to overlook her physical limitations and poor performance at humanities subjects to offer a paid scholarship to Academy Prime. The chance to see the stars and work the the Navy’s engineers is a very enticing for Disa. Her family would rather she studied locally and her aunt was forthright in her opinion. If Disa joined the Star Navy, she would never be welcome at Ella’s factory again.

Day 4 Disa Sundström Character Sheet

Image Credit – Massive Damage by Wonderfuller – CC-BY-NC-ND-3.0