Marchioness Imogen Blake, Monster Hunter

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The artwork for this character was kindly used with permission by JE Shields. James has a selection of Patreons you can find here []. Various tiers are available that give you access to James’ regularly updated supply of stock RPG artwork of the highest quality. The higher tiers unlock James taking on board your suggestions and even commissions.

On your first meeting with the Marchioness, it’s clear she’s unafraid of danger.  Her gown bear the marks of very recent combat and she’s exceptionally well armed for a night at the opera. She’s hunting the same monsters as the party but is having much more success thanks to the enchantments on her guns. The party are going to have to work hard to earn her respect.

The latest in a long line occult protectors, Lady Blake had a rigorous education to prepare her for the dangers of high society and monster hunting. Now the sole inheritor of her mother’s estate, her life is dedicated to the study and practice of her inherited profession. Most the manor is unused except for the small set of rooms she inhabits and custom built cinema where she avidly watches film noir. She maintains a small penthouse apartment in the city for entertaining.

To create a 6d6 character sheet for Lady Blake, we’ve used three paths from Modern Generic. Her profession is clearly that of a Hunter. It fits her so well that most of her advantages come from this path: Alert, Cunning, Manual Dexterity, Sharp Eyes, Snap Shot, Track and Weapon Expertise (Enchanted).  Privileged is another ideal path from which Etiquette, Family Wealth and Fashion are taken.  To round off the character, Weirdness Magnet and the advantages Baffle, Cryptozoology, Imagination and Willpower represent her occult duties.  Her enchanted weapons are unique in that in trained hands they have the keyword double and do both potential and life damage.

Image Credit – Monster Hunter by JE Shields – Used With Permission