Rounding Up Garbage And Sewers for the RPG Blog Carnival

2016 and its December RPG Blog Carnival have now come to a close.  It has been 6d6 RPG’s pleasure to host the theme of Garbage and Sewers. So as the big top is taken down and the midden is filled over, let us pick through the litter of the contributions.

Tales of a GM pointed out that most fantasy worlds would have open sewers; a construct not really suitable for exploring adventurers. Fortunately history comes to the rescue in the form of Ancient Rome’s vast stone sewer system.  Maybe add a sewer goddess and the scavengers that worship her?

Moebius Adventures brought a Vile Witch to the carnival.  A sewer hag that lurks in the mulch and the rubbish.  Disturb or offend her with your cleanliness and you’ll come under attack from both spells and diseases.

Fame and Fortune gave us a brief history of waste management, filled with little story ideas.  I particularly liked the concept of a house that’s collapsing into its cesspit as the party explores it.  There’s also a fascinating work through of the ecology of a sewer, to explain how it could support those giant vermin.

Board Enterprises told of the sewers you’ll find in their cities of Rhum and Brinston.  Their solution to the problem of most sensible sewer networks being made of pipes to small to fit in: shrink the party down so that they do fit. A clever idea that breathes new live into once trivial enemies as rats are now the size of dragons.

Clark Timmins posted a useful breakdown of the components of a sewer system, full important details an GM planning a sewer system to should bear in mind.  The most important of these being that the water must flow somewhere.

Mark Foster gave us a campaign seed (to be found in the comments) of a garbage Atlantis.  The homeless of a nation, having had enough of poverty, have built a city ship out of scrap and spare parts.  They now sail the oceans, free to scavenge what they please.

6d6 RPG ourselves were quite busy this month.  We posted:

Thanks to both contributors, commenters and readers. We predict that the first carnival of 2017 will be about Prophecies and Omens.

Image Credit – Dumpster Fire by Mark Turnauckas – CC-BY-2.0