Sierra Red the Cat Ninja Cleric

We had a good online demonstration game on Sunday for Sophia Brandt.  Chris Tregenza ran one of the system’s introductory adventures.

In honour of the occasion and because I can’t resist character creation, I put together a new character.  As an exercise is talking more about character creation in 6d6, I’ll talk more about this.  The inspiration for the character was mostly drawn by selecting the paths from the 6d6 Magic set that I liked the look of.  So the character started off with Rakshasa Blood, Tiger Style and Angel of Mercy.  A cat ninja cleric… sounds like all the backstory I need.

Rather than use the quick start guide for character with 70 points which encourages selecting advantages evenly from each path, I’ve gone with picking and choosing more freely.  As you can see, I’ve got twice a many life advantages as a normal character.  This is because there were so many that I liked the look of.  I also wanted a character that would be useful in a wide range of situations, but not necessarily one that had a lot of skills.  It also means Sierra Red can take a lot of damage.

I picked the skills to match up with the three key things I think Sierra Red would do in the adventure.  Firstly hurting things, as a cat is want to do.  With Weapon Expertise and Tiger Expertise combining with Claws and Brawn the character has a good 4d6 melee attack.  Arcana, Cleansing Light, Miraculous Healing and Willpower work together to give a solid pair of cleric like abilities.  Silent, Tiger Step and Grace make for a character that is going to be able to move around without notice, like a cat.

The other major change from the quick start guide is Sierra Red’s distribution of meta-character points.  You can rearrange these to suit you character build.  In my case, with only one static skill advantage and my tendency to use path advantages infrequently; I’ve one less static potential and an additional free resist.  This will make Sierra Red much more dangerous in combat as I’ll have to spend less potential in defending myself.

How did the character do?  Quite well.  He was able to avoid taking any damage in the early encounters.  How well he’ll do in larger more dangerous encounters remains to be seen.

Image Credit – Ninja by Helen Haden – CC-BY-NC-2.0