The Blood Red Rose

Clyde de Rodez was a merchant of particular ambition.  Not content with simply making a good profit, he wanted the largest ship.  Going into debt, he commissioned a vast freighter from the royal dockyards.  Completion of the ship became consuming of his attention and he neglected his family.  After three years, the Sea Giant was launched.  Filling her full of cargo and passengers Clyde had the ship set sail for the capital.  A sea daemon smelled the hubris and arrogance of the Sea Giant and new it would provide a tasty meal.  It whipped up a storm to sink the ship.  Rather than loss his most precious investment, Clyde used blood magic to appease the daemon, throwing his own daughter, Amaria, into the waves.  The poor girl was only aboard in a desperate attempt to spend time with her father.

This act of familial betrayal was so strong it cracked the sea daemon and ended the storm immediately.  It also attracted the attention of far darker forces.  Idaikai, the goddess of revenge, took the drowning girl for her own.  She twisted Amaria’s body, bent her mind and manipulated her soul.  A master of her art, Idaikai created an avatar, a living weapon for her to unleash upon the world.

On its return journey, the Sea Giant passed over where Amaria had drowned.  She was waiting for it.  Gaunt, white skinned and with clouded eyes, she hovered over the water casting a blood red light.  Her simple black chainmail is stained with the blood that always drips from her long knives.  She set upon the ship, killing all aboard.  She saved her father for last, killing Clyde by severing his tendons before throwing him into the ocean.

A powerful creature with access to demonic magics, the Blood Red Rose hunts those who have killed innocent girls.  Whilst she has limited flight, her preferred method of movement is to move between shadows, closing in on her prey under cover of darkness.  She always uses torture, taking her time in finishing the kill.  If not summoned into the mortal world, she resides in a mock up of her childhood room deep in the darkworlds.

Plot Hooks

  • Protect Against Her: The party have been hired to protect against the Blood Red Rose, but under false pretenses.
  • Help Her Kill: In need of information, the party have to make a deal with the Blood Red Rose.  In exchange for what she knows, they have to help her kill a particularly troublesome light mage.
  • Release Her: A group of mercy clerics have asked the players to carry out a ritual which will either obliterate her or give her soul final peace, depending on the ingredients.