6d6 Monster Example – The Smog Devil – Part 2

With our monster described and given some character (see part 1), lets get into the mechanics. On first pass through the paths available in the 100 monster bestiary, I’ve picked out these to start with.  As a note, advantages and paths are underlined.

Arboreal or Flying – I prefer arboreal, mostly because that makes it rarer.  Brachiation and Climb will make it fast moving through the trees.  It’s physical traits can be well represented by Long Limbs, Prehensile Tail and Strong Grip.  If we give it Drop Attack as well, then we can add a jump scare to it as well.

Demonic – I’m not taking too many from here.  This path is mostly here because its demonic nature is a core part of the back story that needs including so that it can be exploited by both player and story leader.  Corruption gives it a solid soul advantage to resist mental effects and Tough Hide will make it harder to kill.  I’m also giving it Rend Flesh to give it an additional offensive advantage.

Element (Fire) – A very important part of the image is the smoking vents along the creatures shoulders.  This path allows me to both increase the number of advantages, but give it some unpleasant bonus attacks the player characters won’t be expecting.  Biochemistry is a core life advantage it will need for using the other power.  There other powers are Fire Skin and Heat Resistant to improve its toughness and Gas Blast, used by the Smog Devil if it needs to retreat.  Should the players succeed in bringing it down, then Exploding Death awaits them.

Undead – I’ve added this path for two particular advantages – Corpse Hug and Endless Hunger.  By combining these two together, I model the Smog Devil attempting to eat your soul.  Cold Heart will make it further resistant to influence and Death Blow will give it a powerful attack.

This look like a good start, but it is lacking body advantages to go with its hulking presence and attacking skills.  For example, Corpse Hug and Death Blow would go really well with Brawn.  At the moment, it has a 3d6 attack with Death Blow, Long Limbs and Rend Flesh.  Unfortunately, whilst Large does have some really nice skills on it (Hurl, Knockdown, Rear Strike, Stunning Blow) and Mass and Toughness, it’s not giving me Brawn.  I also think the monster has enough skills given its simple intelligence.  Humanoid is my answer as it gives a nice pair of core body advantages – Brawn and Manual Dexterity.

Art by rabbiteyes, all rights reserved.