6d6 Monster Example – Smog Devil – Part 1

I went searching the internet for interesting monster images for inspiration and this is a great piece of art by rabbiteyes.  I’ll talk you through how I’m turning image into creature.

First Impression – Looks like someone took a giant wasp and merged it with the upper parts of a gorilla.

Genre: There’s not much in the way of technology visible, so I’m going with a fantasy setting for this one.  This is clearly not a friendly creature.

Nature – The horns, the fire coming out of its shoulder guards, the slightly necrotic nature of its skin – these are leading me to suggest it’s demonic in origin.

Behaviour – It appears to be almost entirely made up of arm, but it has these smaller insect like grasping legs on its torso.  I think it uses those massive arms and whip like tails to beat an enemy down before it draws them in close and entraps them.  Then, it returns its captive to whoever commands it.  In the ‘wild’ it would just consume your soul and discard the dead flesh for the scavengers.  Should it get into trouble, it can create a thick smoke which rapidly fills the room, allowing it to ambush or escape.  Its simple intelligence is mostly overridden by its maddening hunger.

Name – Smog Devil, after the noxious fumes it leaves in its wake.

Next time I’ll go through the paths and advantages I’m going to use.  Any suggestions are welcome, particularly if you’ve got a better name.


Image Credit to Rabbiteyes, All Rights Reserved.