RPG Thinktank – Christmas Themed Adventure Plots

As a wise man once said “It’s CHRISTMAAASSS” and this week’s topic for RPG brainstorming is Christmas themed adventures. They can be in any setting and genre but we are looking for plots suitable for a yuletide roleplaying.


  1. The thing about the Groundhog-day movie mashup is… the mechanisms you’re proposing involve simplifying and cleaning the world. But a lot of the joy is going to come from amping up the crossover elements– stopping the Grinch and his terrorist crew from stealing $640m in German bearer bonds from the Bedford Falls Saving and Loan, using Home-Alone-style improvised booby traps. Ideally, there’d be some kind of way that the players could spiral it *up* to some kind of apex where Rudolf fights his way through the armies of the nutcracker to delivers bags and bags of mail proclaiming the identity of Santa Claus, or something equivalently gonzo and syncreatic.

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