4 Christmas Themed RPG Adventure Plots

In this week’s RPG Thinktank we brainstormed ideas for adventures with a Christmas Theme.


Siege on Christmas Town (Patrick)

Father Winter, enraged at his usurpation by the softer image of St Nicolas has declared war on christmas, a special forces unit has been despatched to protect Santas workshop and the surrounding village from Father Winters Ice Giants.

Die, It’s a Wonderful Gremlin Day (Chris)

The characters awake at 6am on Christmas Morning to sounds of ‘I Got You Babe’ on the radio, noticing immediately that they are not in the bed they went to sleep in. Opening the curtains reveals a small American town, apparently sometime in the 1940s. As they start to explore they discover its called Nakatomi Falls, a miserable town full of drunks, closed businesses and the destitute. The character’s explorations are cut short as terrorists take over the local bank and small green creatures are running rampant. Very soon, the party finds themselves in a fight with one or both groups and discover they are deadly.

The instant a character dies, the entire party once again wakes up at 6am on Christmas Morning to find everything is repeating…
To unravel the mystery and find their way home the characters must save the suicidal man on the bridge, reunite a man with his wife, help a teenage couple defeat the small green monsters and discover the true meaning of love. Each time they succeed in a task reality appears to waver for a moment and they hear the sounds of a hospital. When completed all the tasks, the characters awake, not as themselves but as a single person lying in intensive care…

Totally Not The Christmas Carol (Emily)

A rich business man has hired your group to investigate a strange threat he has received- that he will be visited by 3 spirits that night the third to take his life. Who is behind this ? And could the answer lay in the supernatural….

Race to the Manger (Jaye)

The players are a party of wizards who through reading the portents of a new comet have realised that a great power will enter the world. On their way west, the party must collect 3 precious items needed for a binding ritual. At their destination, the wizards must hold hordes of possessed villagers at bay as they try to bind the great power to their bidding.

What are your ideas for Christmas adventures? Let us know in the comments.