RPG Thinktank: The Path To Inhumanity

Join us for our weekly RPG brainstorming sessions.

This weeks topic …
In Lovecraftian fiction inhumanity is a running theme, the fear of becoming something other than human, whether mentally physically or spiritually.

To represent this in 6d6 lovecraft we will have inhumanity “paths” those slippery slopes down which an unsuspecting adventurer can slide, all of which have a number of different effects, applied in turn as inhumanity abilities.

For this week’s RPG Thinktank  we will be looking at these paths. We need ideas for paths relating to the themes of inhumanity, alienation, madness and mutation. As well broad themes (e.g. turning in a deep one) we need Hazard advantages which mark the changes the character goes through (e.g. Strange Body Odor,  Develop Gills and Speak Deep One).