The Elementals are Free!

6d6RPG is proud to announce the release of our latest game, Tested on Elementals. Available at and Drive Thru RPG.

Suddenly the power fails, plunging the laboratory into darkness and springing open the cage doors. This is your chance. Quickly escaping out the window and down the fire escape you are free. You’re 15 centimetres tall, alone in a human city with only a vague idea of where to go, and have just a few hours of darkness left. This is Tested On Elementals, a fun-sized escapade with fun-sized elementals.

Using the brand new Elements 6d6 system, which will be instantly familiar to players of 6d6 RPG 2nd Edition, the game is all about teamwork. In this game, everyone wins or everybody loses. 

The Elements 6d6 has just one type of potential, simplified advantages, and emphasis on cooperation. These and other changes were made to adapt the system to a much smaller game that has a greater focus on potential management. The little elementals only start out with 3 potential and only recoup 1 potential at the end of each scene. The usual combat rules would see them exhaust themselves and be almost immediately captured. Instead, each encounter is only now a single roll where all the elementals work together to solve the challenges they encounter.

The game uses a deck of cards to randomly generate the locations and challenges the elementals face as they cross the city on their search for a way home. This gives the game 676 possible encounters, ensuring each playthrough is different. Tested on Elementals takes inspiration from Rogue-like computer games and is designed to be challenging, encouraging players to think carefully about managing their resources. Written to be endlessly replayable, failure isn’t the end of the game, merely a chance to try a different strategy or combination of elementals.

Will the elementals escape back home or end up back in the laboratory? Let us know how your run across the city fared.