28 Heroines – Zara Smith

Zara has always found it that she is recognised on the street. As a child prodigy with the guitar, she won an international talent contest when she was ten. Her parents have done the best they can to protect her from the excesses and dangers of the entertainment industry, but Zara really wants to see the world and loves to perform. As part of the contest prize she was paired with a mentor. Tamara Alekseyeva has taught her much, not just about the guitar but about the music industry as well. They’ve formed a lasting friendship but Tamara knows that Zara that surpassed what they can teach her. So, after six years of private tution it is time for Zara to attend a specialist music school.

28 Heroines

RPG character inspiration for each day in February. Heroines with personality, depth and a problem to resolve.

The auditions were hard, pushing Zara’s stamina as well as her natural grace. Of ten applications, she was given five offers. She chose the school in Herton as she did not want to be too far from her parents or at a remote residential estate. The transition has not been easy. Where once she had the undivided attention of her teacher she now competes with a dozen others. But working and learning with others has opened her up to new influences and her style is in flux. Despite assurances from her mentor that such change is wanted Zara is hesitant to collaborate with her classmates.

day 26 zara smith

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