28 Heroines – Qlelygnes Giembe

Qlelygnes’ quest is simple: travel the known world to find ingredients and invent interesting way to cook them. She’s not looking for a particular culinary experience but instead wants to taste as many different flavours as she can. Such is her curiosity she won’t wait to get to kitchen to start cooking. She won’t even bother to make camp, instead setting up her wood burning stove directly on the back of her pack hog, Malloy. The beast puts up with the heat it feels through the insulation as it gets a large share of the leftovers. Provided they’ve been seasoned with enough pepper that is. Qlelygnes hasn’t been able to sophisticate the hogs palette, even after years of trying.

28 Heroines

RPG character inspiration for each day in February. Heroines with personality, depth and a problem to resolve.

Qlelygnes gets her cash from her visits into settlements. She’ll find a street corner and setup a little al fresco diner. Bribes of tasty food keep officials from causing problems and if that doesn’t work she’ll try getting work at in an inn. Word of her cooking skills is spreading ahead of her. In the last city she visited, Qlelygnes was greeted by the chef’s guild and treated to a banquet in exchange for a look at her recipe books. She’s nearly complete her tour of the temperate parts of the continent and is wondering where to travel next. The spice trade comes from the west, from across the great bowl desert of Baraad. Malloy would suffer badly in the heat and would not be able to come with her if she wants to find where the spices come from. An alternative is to set-up a more permanent eatery in Midion City and buy what she needs.

Day 17 Qlelygnes Giembe

Image Credit – Cook by HAmatsu – CC-BY-ND-3.0