28 Heroines – Lozeataine Bira

The wind whips at Lozeataine’s clothes and pulls her hair across her face. Nestled in the valley beneath her lies Corin, capital of the Duchy of Romana and where her next tournament awaits. In her pack are trophies from a dozen other competitions, each one a stepping stone to this tournament. Only the experience and the victorious are allowed to compete in the Grand Melee. A decade of practice and training and five years of fighting have brought Lozeataine here. To the victors of the Grand Melee goes wealth, glory and a title.

28 Heroines

RPG character inspiration for each day in February. Heroines with personality, depth and a problem to resolve.

Lozeataine wants all of this. She needs all of this. This has been the focus of her entire adult life. To be known as the greatest sword fighter in Temrance. To be feared and respected. To be just the third daughter of a merchant and a tailor is to be no-one and Lozeataine will not be no-one. Violence has always been her talent and now it will be her way forward.

She grazes a finger across the hilt of her sword, reassuring herself that it is still at her side and continues on down the road. Two weeks on the road and Lozeataine had not encountered anyone worth talking to. Not even some bandits to keep her sword arm sharp. Perhaps her demeanour kept her alone in the Inns but it was for the better. She would not let attachments and conversations distract her again. When she was supreme and unchallenged, then there would be time for other people. Perhaps she might even see if her mother’s shop was still open.

Day 12 Lozeataine Bira

Image Credit – Black Ivory Amazon by MizaelTengu – Used with Permission