28 Heroines – Gizella Lakatos

For the particularly paranoid, sending your precious data over the networks is not secure enough. It’s too easy for someone to copy or alter the information and the sender to be none the wiser. Gizella makes her living as an information courier. She offers the premium in data security as she carries the package within her own memory using a memetic-digital interface. The process is painful as it changes the microstructures of the brain but it guarantees that Gizella is not under lethal threat as the data would die with her.


28 Heroines

RPG character inspiration for each day in February. Heroines with personality, depth and a problem to resolve.

She got her baseline cybernetics during her military service. These are so embedded that they weren’t removed when her unit was disbanded due to budget cuts. It was her brother who put Gizella in contact with the courier company. She’s not found a way to forgive him yet as she still has six years of repayments to makes to clear off the debt for the installation of the M-D interface. Most jobs are literally tedious walks across the city with the occasional flight to another continent. But the last three jobs went badly wrong with a third party attacking Gizella . She managed to escape without injury each time but in fleeing the last attempt she was arrested by the police.

Whilst what she does is not illegal, M-D messengers are used to transfer illegal information and information about crimes. The police took the opportunity of her arrest to both interrogate her and sift through her memories with the interface, using the attacks on her to justify the warrant to search her brain. Gizella was released without charge but now her dispatcher says she’s got a reputation as being unreliable and a magnet for trouble.

Day 7 Gizella Lakatos

Image Credit – Purple Extraction by Zolaida – CC-BY-NC-ND-3.0