Adventure Hooks for Potions

So pleased was I with the previous post about potions, this post is all about adventure hooks for those potions.

Jittertery – A new gang of street thieves are prowling the streets of Palperroth. They’re robbing large crowds by snatching purses and bags as they rush through them.  Palperroth is too large a city for the watch to protect every market in the numbers needed.  What makes the task even harder is the speed at which the thieves are moving; they’re clearly using potions.  The watch commander is looking for a group of private adventurers to find the thieves, find their fence and end their supply of jittertery potions.

X-Focus – A party member wakes up after a long night of revelry. On the night stand next to their bed is a big glass tankard of citrus smelling water.  A little note with the tankard says it compliments of the inn. When the tankard is empty, the words “To do: dance” are revealed at the bottom.  The drink was dosed with X-focus and placed there by an enemy of the character.  If all of the contents have been drunk, the effects will last for three days, unless countered.

Lion’s Deafening Roar – The treasurer of Palperroth is a small little man.  Though unimposing, he’s very good at his job and the city’s economy is growing.  He’s been persuaded to run for mayor but his voice is so quiet he can’t make himself heard at rallies. As part of their work in his campaign team, the characters are tasked with securing enough Lion’s Deafening Roar for the rest of the campaign.

Liquid Meh – The new king Terrance is a young man with many novel ideas.  Most of them are bad ideas, or at least bad ideas from the point of the view of the country’s nobles.  Killing him would provoke a time of uncertainty and possibly even civil war.  Distracting him with royal duties and ceremonies isn’t working as he keeps finding time to get involved in actual government.  The characters are hired to dose him with liquid meh to keep Terrance quiet whilst the party can find a permanent solution to his enthusiasm.

Cock and Strut – General Alluin is returning from a long campaign in the southern jungles.  Though her small army was victorious in ending the civil war there, she and many of her soldiers now rely on Cock and Strut.  The constant threat of ambush and a lack of supplies pushed many to resort to potions to cope with the stress.  The side effects have made them over confident and they return now not just to get their hero’s welcome but to seek redress from their suffering and better rewards for their achievement.  City leaders know that Alluin’s army can’t defeat the capital guard but are desperate to avoid needless bloodshed.  Can the characters distribute an antidote in time?

Fun Forever – Darkness waits for Duchess Anathee when she next sleeps.  Extra-planer forces have placed a a powerful curse on her.  Anathee’s soul will be taken by her nightmares, depriving the world of the good person she will become.  A team of clerics has been dispatched to deal with the enemy.  What the party must do is keep Anathee awake until they return in three days time.  A fun forever potion should help keep her awake.  However, Anathee has rarely left her family’s estate as she prefers a quiet library and a good book to noisy parties. Seventy two hours of fun is going to be hard work.

Omnivoris – Giant rats are normally a low level problem, fit only for apprentices to deal with.  The nest that got into the basements of the mage’s guild are proving much more dangerous as they’ve gotten into the potion supplies.  In addition to hideous mutations and random potion effects, they’ve consumed vast quantities of Omnivoris.  Now able to eat anything, their numbers are growing into a horde.  One of the guild’s towers has collapsed from the rodents eating the foundations.

Image Credit – Potions by Rebecca Siegel – CC-BY-2.0