A Potion for Many An Occasion

rpgblogcarnivallogoHello stranger, sent here by the RPG Blog Carnival were ya?  I’ve got some fine potions here for sale.  If there’s nothing you want right now, then I’ll happily sell you recipes; for a price.

Jittertery – Made from the bean of the fluxis shrub and infused with a medley of spices.  The dark brown potion tastes bitter and burnt.  Those under the influence of jittertery gain an extra action during combat for three rounds.  This action must be used for movement up to the consumer’s maximum sprinting distance else they take significant energy damage from unused momentum.  Side effects include rapid speech and waggling digits.

X-Focus – Very expensive this one, as it takes weeks of painstaking work to hundred distill the juice of an iambic pear to the concentrations needed.  It’s clear and colourless but smells overwhelming of fresh citrus.  The tiniest drop of it will make the drinker utterly focused on the very first task they see after drinking. Each drop consumed gives an hour of undivided attention.  It is very difficult to get the drinker’s attention and if too much is used they will forget to eat, drink or sleep.

Lion’s Deafening Roar – If you pinch a snapberry just right, rather than just break it’ll produce a thunderous boom.  This ruby red drink contains several dozen sun-dried snapberries treated with an incantation of containment.  The concoction causes everything the imbiber says to be at a near deafening shout for two hundred words.  Don’t chew the berries, else they’ll go off in your head and deafen you for a week. This is a shame as the berries taste like fresh apricot.

Liquid Meh – A potion that looks, smells and tastes of nothing.  It doesn’t even make a sound if you spill or slosh it.  It’s made by bubbling captured fog through rainwater that’s been left in an enchanted black barrel for a year. The result of drinking it is to lose all emotion and ambition for days, even weeks. This potion is too boring to have any side effects.

Cock and Strut – Made from cockerel feather, lion mane, stag beetle horn, crab claw and moon gin. It bubbles blue when uncorked and tastes of victory. It makes the drinker believe they can do anything, giving a massive morale boost to all actions for an hour. Highly expensive due to the fine balance and mix of the ingredients, the potion is also under legal restriction. Too often a user will become so arrogant they hurt themselves or lead those with them to ruin.

Fun Forever – This potion is somewhat disgusting, as it’s made from the spit, sweat and tears of people dancing under magical lighting. Further magical refinement and loud music gets you a neon pink salty liquid. The potion prevents you from feeling fatigue whilst you’re having fun. There’s no known limit to how long the effects last, but once they do, all the suppressed tiredness hits at once for a substantial nonlethal damage.

Omnivoris – Starting with rotting leftovers and rusted metal fillings, enchanted acids are used to form a pale grey drink that tastes of bile. If you can stomach the taste, you’ll be able to eat and digest anything as if it were nutritious food. For the hour the potion lasts the drinker will be ravenously hungry as a side effect.

Image Credit – Potions by Adair Broughton – CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0