Stories & RPGs: Fun Disclaimer

Stories & RPGs is part of the blog about exactly that – stories and tabletop games. It is not about story games versus traditional / OSR dungeon type games though there will be lots on how some types of games facilitate stories and other RPGs restrict story telling. Neither is it about saying one type of game is “better” than another (whatever “better” means to you). It is just my (Chris Tregenza’s) take on how stories fit into tabletop gaming and how to tell better stories regardless of the type of game you play.

There are people who have strong opinions on story games versus traditional / OSR style dungeon games and do feel one is better than the other. To those I offer this disclaimer:

Fun & Safe

There is is no right or wrong way to enjoy tabletop role-playing as long as everyone is having fun in a safe environment. Ignore everyone else and simply carry on having fun because that is really what tabletop games are really about.

However, if you would like to improve the quality of the stories in your tabletop RPGs, or simply want to understand the nature of stories in RPGs, read more on Stories & RPGs.