6d6 Think Tank: How the hell do you lose something that big?

Tonight’s RPG brainstorming session is about things which are lost. Not small things which can fall out of your pocket or get misplaced but BIG things – like cities, continents, planets and dimensions. It can be for any setting or genre but tonight we need ideas and plot hooks for really big things which are lost but the characters may just have found.

For you, the transcripts:

Patrick – Whatever happened to planet… thingy

There used to be a planet here, there must have been, I can’t remember what it was called though. The planet has disappeared, but everything else is still here. Anything constructed or biological remains but all the natural inorganic parts of the planet disappeared. What remains has mass but is completely invisible, if you look down you can see people on the other side. All the shipwrecks on the ocean floor now sitting stationary in space.

Patrick – One of our concepts is missing

One day the people of Perrym wake up unable to understand or vocalize one inherent human concept be it love, anger, humility, honesty, or anything else.

Patrick – Who stole tuesday?

The adventurers go to bed on a Monday night and wake up on Wednesday. What’s more Tuesday was the day that the final showdown with the necromancer was supposed to happen. The heroes wake in a world where evil has won and in order to triumph they must find Tuesday!

Jaye – The Greatest Bucket

The world of Nef is mostly a barren desert.  Amongst the sand dunes are the ruins of ancient cities and long desiccated ocean floors.  Civilization clings on around what water there is left, eking out an existence but not really living.

The players are wanderers.  They were recently forced to abandon their settlement when the aquifer beneath it ran dry.  As they desperately walk in search of water, they’ve come across an great stone tower, untouched by the elements.  It is abandoned, but at it top, there is a bucket.  A bucket of water.  No matter how much they draw from the bucket, it is always full. Written in the side of the bucket is the following: “Contents within – the seas”

Emily – the great white beast!

Your lucky adventurers, after weeks of adventuring, have received a high honor from the city guard, who you assumed hated you. Your party have been asked to look after the king’s most beloved pet Dup. Dup was a mighty dragon in his day, but now has grown very large and lazy. He spends his days eating and sleeping, so watching him won’t be hard and you’ll receive a great reward for keeping him safe and a beheading if the king returns to find him gone.

So far looking after this beast has been easy however as soon as your party are distracted he disappears! The fat dragon larger than an elephant disappears! Then the head of the town guard remembers that the old beast has a habit of disappearing if bored, and the king is set to return in 3 days….

Chris – The Tenth Ninth Planet

It’s 2050 and space probes have investigated every corner of our solar system. Yet somehow we missed a Jupiter sized planet orbiting the sun somewhere near Venus. But how? Because it is black, has no gravitational effect on anything and emits no energy on any wavelength. It fact, it is impossible and can only be explained as alien technology.

It was only discover by chance when a space probe accidentally smashed into it. Unable to observe the planet remotely, NASA is sending a mission of twenty people to the planet in an attempt to discover who, or what, made it. As the craft approaches the planet accidents start happening. Quickly it become apparent that someone on the spacecraft has a very different agenda…

Mark – Why is the rum gone? And..everything else…and the money

Between the end of trading on Monday and the start on Tuesday, all the money disappeared from the financial system and all commodities vanished from the market and all the land registers went blank.  That was last week.  The banks have done a great job of hiding this, just by continuing to hand out cash and process payments, there is just nothing behind all that.

Bankocorp have tracked it down to a computer worm and tracked down the worm to a location.  In order to keep the problem secret from EVERYONE else on Earth they have scoured their own roster for anyone with the skills to go there and find out where the money went and re-upload it.  Preferably to give Bankocorp a bigger chunk of it.  Their bank is not the only one likely to have thought of it…