Alien Monsters – RPG Thinktank

Our open, weekly RPG brainstorming session. This week we are talking about alien monsters.

If you would to join us in the hangout and swap ideas, just shout-out in the comments. All are welcome.

Thinktank Briefing —>

6d6: The Horrors of the Galaxy

What horrors populate the galaxy?

There are many dark places on many different worlds, filled with creatures great and small that all want to rip your face off and/or eat you.

It doesn’t matter if they have claws, teeth, 8 eyes, or acid for blood.

We want to know

* What is its name?
* Where does it typically live?
* How can it threaten players?
* On a scale of 1-10 how dangerous is this creature?

Give us your ideas and we’ll discuss them on our weekly think tank. 7pm British time friday 19th of September.

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