Yhane’s Gestalt – Five Faiths

Peace is achieved through unity of purpose. The limitations of the isolated mind can only create argument and discord. The Believers in Yhane seek peace by living as a communal mind. Through methods the gestalt does not share, their communities exist as one mind with many bodies. There is no cleric or leader to the group once a gestalt chapter is formed. Instead of a dominant personality, the gestalt is an amalgamation of joined minds and it perceives and feels everything that its component people feel.

Five Faiths for RPGs

Beliefs and religions to encounter or follow.

All mouths of the gestalt speak as one, no matter if the mouth isn’t near the original conversation. It cannot hold separate conversations as it only one mind. All the component people sleep together at the same time. Gestalts have tried to have only some members sleeping but the conflict of dreams and rational thought makes them incapable of action.

When not in celebratory prayer to themselves, the gestalt works furiously on community projects. If the chapter doesn’t have any projects of its own, they will work on whatever the nearby towns will pay them to do as well as civic repairs. Many guilds object to the presence of a gestalt near their community as their efficiency often undercuts guild rates. Evenmore abhorrent to the guilds is one of their number joining a chapter as that gives the gestalt access to all the new member’s skills.

Each chapter is a different gestalt mind. Once every ten years the chapters gather together at Reachwood, the great temple of Yhane. For two weeks they form one greater gestalt entity that decides the direction of the faithful for the next decade.

Plot hooks

  • Infiltrate and influence the greater gestalt meeting.
  • Set up a new chapter in a busy city.

Image Credit – Group of People by Josh Sorenson – PEXELS LICENSE