Plot Hooks Fit To Flush Down the Sewers


Continuing this month’s carnival theme of waste and sewers in RPGs we have three more adventure seeds with a distinctive, scatalogical theme.


Shadowkind are beings composed of living darkness that are harmed by anything stronger than starlight.  In ancient times their clans lived freely under the stars, enjoying the natural darkness before returning to their caves before the dawn came.  The progress of the daylight civilisations changed this.  Technology means there is light everywhere that can illuminate without warning.  Free darkness has been banished and with it the world the shadowkind knew. Now they eek out a living amongst the city’s filth, hiding in the sewers.  The clan’s wise ones attempt to keep the oral traditions alive, but the younger shadowkind turn more and more to anger and resentment.  They talk of taking back the surface and reclaiming the night.

Sewer Santa

Zokzul is apathetically minor deity, the god of refuse and unwanted things.  One of a hundreds of gods in a crowded pantheon, Zokzul is greatly jealous of the attention that other gods get.  In a bid to encourage worship they are attempting to set up a summer holiday tradition in their name.  All three of Zokzul’s priests are giving sermons on the street to spread the word.  Any young child who follows the tenets of Zokzul will receive gifts for their faith and devotion.  In return for littering, wasting food and throwing coins into muck, Zokzul will personally climb out of the sewer and deliver a present.  As the gift is something Zokzul has found in the sewers and spreads their rot, only a few children have converted.

Poop From Another Planet

A wormhole has opened up a hundred feet above Briar Rock National Park.  From it an unending stream of untreated sewage is pouring into the canyons and ancient forests.  To contain the thousands of gallons every day, engineers have built dams to contain the waste and the authorities have quarantined the area due the biohazard posed by the alien contamination.  If it should spread into the water supply it could threaten life on Earth. All attempts at communication with the source of the waste have failed, so an expeditionary force is being mobilised.  Their orders are to stop the flow diplomatically if they can and militarily if necessary. The first challenge is getting through the wormhole and that means traveling straight into a stream of alien excreta.

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Image Credit – Shit! by TheGiantVermin – CC-BY-ND-NC-2.0