Garbage & Sewers: RPG Blog Carnival

Where are the toilets on the Enterprise?

It may seem like a silly question but waste is an important part of life and therefore a potential source of role playing. For GM’s, thinking about toilets and garbage can give rise to deeply unpleasant monsters (shit elementals), places for adventures to explore (sewers are ready made dungeons) and opportunities to quite literally catch the characters with their pants down. While for players, workers in refuse and sewerage often form an “untouchable” caste – a great starting point for a character.

rpg-blog-carnivalIn this month’s RPG Blog Carnival , hosted by 6d6, the topic is Garbage and Sewers. It is a subject ripe for exploration and over the course of the month we’d like to hear about:

  • Plot Hooks – Your ideas for using garbage and sewers in adventures. These could be starting points for quests, places to explore or ways in which the topic influences how the story progresses.
  • World Building – Societies produce prodigious amounts of waste that must be dealt with. What solutions are there in your setting?
  • Resources – maps for sewers (small for combat, large for puzzles), adventures amongst the waste, images and artwork.
  • Life Amongst Waste – characters and monsters that inhabit refuse and pipes.

Pick an idea and write about it on your blog or Facebook page etc and place the link in the comments below. We will share your ideas in a round-up post at the end of the month and via social media. If you include you Twitter handle / Facebook etc in your comment, we will give you a shout-out when we share them.

Image Credit – Mike Fritcher – CC-BY-ND-NC-2.0


  1. Reminds me of a campaign I ran, Included an Excremental that lived (and haunted) the back-alleys of the lower class end of town, the players contracted diseases each time they got a cut or ate food in the wrong end of town. Constant visits to temples to give ‘donations’ for ‘healing’.

  2. How about a setting for a campaign?
    The homeless of an otherwise rich nation decide that they have been mistreated for too long and want to leave to build better lives elsewhere. They find that none of the nation’s neighbours will take them, claiming problems of their own. One group in a port city decide that the only solution is to seek freedom on the seas and settle on an idea: would it be possible to build a new nation wholly out of the scrap that can be found?
    Their idea spreads about the country making it easy to recruit people with all sorts of skills, after all, anyone who knows anything can find their life can fall apart. Salvage experts are found who can raise a ship, engineers and builders who can modify it, and ex-navy who can crew it.
    Somehow, the newspapers only find out about this enterprise when the ship is due to depart forevermore, when its citizens arrive in the port city, hitchhiking or piled into salvaged busses. Ministers scramble for a way to make the project illegal but no laws can be made in time for “Atlantis” to leave port.
    It’s ten years later and the players start on the streets, and the suggestion comes to them that Atlantis will be coming near local waters and will be welcoming new citizens….

    Once they manage to get out to there, they find that Atlantis is more than a single ship. The original is still there, festooned now with masts and sails in all directions to save on fuel, and solar panels to harvest energy. She’s accompanied by a refloated cruise ship to house everyone, half a dozen fishing boats, a second cruise ship gutted and turned into a hydroponic farm, and a floating drydock converted into a factory space for whatever the roaming nation needs.

    A new life beckons on the ocean wave.

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