Four Household Spirits for 6d6 Magic

The fantasy world of 6d6 Magic is infested with all sorts of little magical creatures.  The most encountered are the household spirits.  Tiny divines, they have no grand power but can be very influential on our daily life.

Tely – Fresh Water Sprites

A pale blue ball with two glowing rings around it, these spirits prefer only the purest freshest water. Telys use their magics to keep the water in their home ponds or rivers utterly clean.  A spirit talker can achieve great fame if they can tempt a Tely from its wild home to come and live near a settlement or in a well.  They’ll arrive if the water is untainted and then keep it that way.  Tely are stubborn and resent disturbance.  The fastest way to earn their wrath is to catch them in a bucket or to pollute their water.  Tely are masters of water magics and use them to rebuke whoever has annoyed them.

Craivoal – Hearth Demons

The old legends of salamanders living in fires are based on sightings of these slothful spirits.  Needing vast amounts of heat to wake from their torpor, Craivoal very slowly move towards fire.  Only the hottest and continually maintained fires attract them, like forges or big kitchens.  As the Craivoal is warming up it drains heat from the fire, making it smaller and using up the fuel faster.  It is foolish to remove them though.  Firstly, their fire magics make them highly dangerous as if disturbed as they recklessly burn everything around them. Secondly, once a Craivoal is up to temperature and becomes active, it uses its fire magics to boost the fire, making it hotter and hotter.

Are there spirits here?

Kichin – Archivers

To human eyes they appear as a vertical strip of pale grey light with six pairs of wings.  They move slowly, drifting through the air like a drunk butterfly.  They seek little interaction with actual humans, but are fascinated by writing and knowledge.  Old libraries can be host to several Kickin, with the spirits each sat with a different book, reading simply for the pleasure of the written word.  Any place that stores words that humans don’t frequent will eventually attract a Kichin.  An almost completely harmless spirit, if approached politely they will help you find something you’ve misplaced.  Loud noise that disturbs their reading will provoke them to use their memory magics, causing the target to forget trivial things, like where they put their keys.

Py Kasn – Shadow Snugs

Black and beetle shaped, Py Kasn scuttle about at the edge of your vision.   They seem to be attracted to human activity and settlement but don’t communicate with humans.  At best, the spirit talkers have been able to deduce that the Py Kasn are parasitic, offering nothing of any use.  Instead, they track dirt and dust about, annoy pets and gnaw on food.  Most insidiously, they appear to have limited mind magic.  They use it to provoke laziness, so that they can feed off the will of those affected.  They’re at their most powerful in the morning having basked in the darkness.  If you’re having difficulty getting out of bed, it is likely there’s powerful Py Kasn spirits under your bed.