Age of Legends Kickstarter

It is time to be epic! The Age of Legends Kickstarter is LIVE!

Age of Legends is a complete setting for the 6d6 RPG. In Ancient Greece, the gods have starting meddling in mortal affairs after an absence of 800 years. The Titans are threatening to break free of their chains in Tartarus and only with mortal champions can the Olympic Gods defeat their plots. Greece’s borders are threatened by foreign powers, legendary monsters walk the wild lands and some philosophers claim than humanity no longer needs the gods at all. All a champions has to do is slay the monsters, defeat the Titanic plots, and survive the attention of the petty minded, narcissistic and bad-tempered gods they serve.

Heroic Adventures

The player characters walk in the footsteps of Jason, Herakles, Odysseus and Achilles. Heroes whose epic quests became legends. They must survive the obvious threats posed by the monsters but also the subtle dangers of political intrigue among the gods. The mortal affairs of the city-states are no less dangerous. Everywhere there are alliances, betrayals, ancient feuds and opportunists waiting for a moment of weakness. Being selected as a champion is little more than a death sentence but by writing their names in legend, they can live forever.


Four Years To Make History

Age of Legends authors, Mark and James Foster, have been developing and writing the setting for four years. The 200 pages of background material, gods, monsters and character options are written and it now needs editing, proof-reading and laying out in 6d6’s clean & crisp style. The Kickstarter is raising money to take James & Mark’s draft and turn it into an epic book.

Back The Kickstarter

Supporters of the Kickstarter get choose to receive PDF or print copies of Age of Legends and copies of the 6d6 RPG Core and other 6d6 books from our back-catalogue. This is a great way to pick up the 6d6 RPG are a low, Kickstarter price.

Time Is Limited

The Age of Legends Kickstarter ends on 5th December. Don’t miss out. Be epic. Back the Kickstarter.

Age of Legends Kickstarter

Age of Legends Kickstarter