RPG Thinktank: Micro-Adventures & Settings

We return! Fresh from our summer holidays, the 6d6 Think Tank is thinking about micro-adventures.  How small can you make a setting and it still provide enough inspiration and information to make a good game?

Here’s some notes on one of the ideas:

Jaye – Sector Tango-2-Whiskey

Set-up: Scout Ship Bluebird-19 has been sent to reconnoiter the rings of a gas giant.

Character Objective: Scanning and Reporting

Location: The as yet unnamed gas giant has a deep green colour to it.  The surfaces of it’s many large moon have a greenish tinge from the reflected light.  Space is cold and black.  The interior of the scout ship barely has enough room for its three person crew.

Set Dressing:    Several warning lights indicate micro-meteorites, high gravity wells and components needing maintenance.  The star is bright and blue.

Cast: A crew of three.

The Pilot

  • Appearance: Disheveled. Creased. Slumped.
  • Backstory: Was a hot shot fighter pilot.  Then got busted to recon duty for screwing up.
  • Personal Objective: A chance to fly dangerously

The Engineer

  • Appearance: Elegant. Precise. Twitchy.
  • Backstory:  Sent out on recon to get experience working with non-engineers.  Likes things in their proper place.
  • Personal Objective: Keep the ship running, get home safely.

The Navigator

  • Appearance: Regulation, Ugly, Argumentative
  • Backstory: Does a thorough job buts takes far too long to do it.
  • Personal Objective: Scan everything.