Hong Kong Noir

A noir style adventure set in the tropical neon city of Hong Kong.

Act 1: Introductions

It’s summer in Hong Kong and the heat is oppressive.  It weighs down the air, making it stick to you clothes.  Sat in his office, the private investigator waits for something to happen.  Outside, the personal assistant is hacking corporate servers. Then the lady walks in with her bodyguard.  She wants the private eye to get her to the airport tomorrow morning.  The catch: there are men pursuing her.  On cue, several goons attack the office.

Act 2: Pursuit

After dealing with the goons, the party then has to flee across the city.  There appears to be at least three different parties trying to get the lady.  One attacks in the narrow streets Sham Sui Po starting a foot race. The party have to weave and dodge through the crowded street markets to the private investigator’s car. Once in a car, the party then has to avoid another group on the motorway to the Tung Chueng.  There’s a pair of black SUV’s that are intent on running them off the road.  Finally, the party has to avoid a third group as they take a boat to the PI’s safe house on Shek Kwu Chau island.  The safe house isn’t in good condition and the party will need to sneak out for supplies.

Act 3: The Airport

After a watchful night in the safe house, the party makes their way to the airport.  Whilst they are there legally, they have to sneak their way past many many goons.  The goal is a private jet, chartered to take the lady across the pacific.  On the edge of the tarmac, the lady’s father appears with his heavies.  The only way to the plane is through him.  Each character can offer him a different deal to escape with what they want.  Or they can fight their way to the plane.

The Characters:

  • The Private Investigator: nearly always broke, he’s desperate for money to pay off his debts.  He wears very shabby clothes and an awful hat.
  • The Lady: barely 17, she’s dressed like a punk in denim and sloganed t-shirt.  She’s absconded with a large cache of her father’s diamonds and is intent on escaping his reach.
  • The Personal Assistant: decidedly smarter and more capable than her employer.  She works for him whilst she’s earning her own license.  Her loyalty is questionable at best.
  • The Bodyguard: hired by the Lady’s father to protect her, he’s fallen in love with her and is thus more loyal to her than his boss. An expert with knives.

Image Credit – Neon Night by Jaye Foster – CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0