6d6 Thinktank – Superhero Origins

A superhero’s origin and the powers they possess go hand-in-hand. If you are bitten by a radio-active spider you are not going to develop the power to go invisible. In this week’s RPG brainstorming we are exploring superhero origins and the powers they imbue but we are not going to be specific. We want types of origin, e.g. exposed to radioactivity or being a rich orphan, and brief description of four or five powers which that origin might endow. We also want to avoid the obvious, pastiches of established characters.

Finally we need you to be brief because these ideas will form the basis of paths and advantages for 6d6 Supers. This will be a toolkit for building superhero characters in the 6d6 RPG. Space is very limited on a path or advantages description so each origin or power should be no more than 30 words long.  Feel free to contribute more than one set of origin and powers.