6d6 Galaxy Aliens – 6d6 Think Tank

This week’s RPG brainstorming is about aliens for a new SF setting.

The meeting is open to all so comment if you would like to join in or post your comments below.

*6d6 Galaxy*

As Humanity spreads across the galaxy, who (or what) will they encounter?

In the year 2092, humanity discovered the remains of an
extraterrestrial ship buried deep beneath the Sahara Desert. Among the
new technology was the single greatest discovery in humanity’s
expansive history. The D-Drive, as it became known, allowed us to
travel the great distances of space.

On our travels we allied with two distinct Alien races.

The Izrek, are a race of large humanoids resembling a hybrid of bear
and elephant. They average between 7 & 8 feet tall. Hearkening from
the world of Vinfal the species survived and thrived in challenging
conditions where every day was a struggle for survival.

The Gali, are race of people who mechanised themselves to survive an
incurable disease. Consisting of a machine core containing their mind,
energy plant and nano-factory suspended in a swarm of nanites shaped
like their old biological bodies, the Gali live on.

But what else inhabit the dark corners of our galaxy?