Free PDF Adventure: Gold Strike!

39 Pages of Great D&D Adventuring!

The winner of the autumn round of our Adventure Writing Competition, Gold Strike! is ready to download. This low to mid-level D&D adventure, sees the party on the trail of lost miners in an abandoned dwarf mine. But this is no simple rescue mission as the characters discover hints of the mine’s dark history and an ancient evil that is breaking free of its eon long imprisonment.

The PDF is released as part of our on-going Open Playtest. You can download the free PDF and if you send in your feedback (good or bad) we will send you a free electronic copy of the final product. This will be in a couple of months time and final (non-free) PDF will combine both Gold Strike! and our summer winner, Sanctum of the Fiery Ladder, in an extra large module.

Mitch, writer of Gold Strike!, is a native of Michigan, USA and his gaming life started with the gift of an AD&D boxed set. He now works in IT and is developing his writing skills on a number projects including the Internet Zombie Movie.

The full (2.2MB PDF) adventure can be downloaded by clicking here and don’t forget to send us your feedback. If you aren’t among the thousand or so people who have download our first winner, Sanctum …, do it now. It will be disappearing in the next week or two do this is your last chance.

Many thanks to Mitch for all his hard work in creating the adventure.