Age Of Legends


Epic adventuring in Ancient Greece

Zeus and the Olympic gods are meddling in the mortal world, choosing champions to battle the agents of the Titans.

Fame and fortune await the mortal champions but life is never simple when Olympian gods are involved. There are deadly rivalries and feuds dating back to the dawn of time while foreign gods are threatening the borders of Greece and radical philosophers are claiming that humanity does not need gods. Legendary monsters stalk the wild lands and the border between the mortal world and the Underworld is not as impassible as Hades claims.

A champion cannot expect a long life but they can live forever in legend. Through quick thinking, trickery, raw strength and force of personality a champion can make their name known across Greece. The gods choose their champions but champions make the legends.

  • Full Colour
  • 196 Pages
  • 33 Mortal Character Paths
  • 40+ immortals to vex the characters
  • Over 50 types of monsters and foes to combat
  • Free To Share


In The Hands of the Gods

A complete setting for the 6d6 RPG in 196 pages of full colour. The book is printed on heavy-weight paper for durability and its ability to reproduce the strong colours need for over 80 pieces art inspired by Ancient Greek pottery, statues and mosaics.

Players can pick from any combination of 33 unique Character Paths as diverse as Sailor, Raised By Animals, Philosopher and Divine Ancestor. Additionally there are 15 Olympian Gods to serve, each granting their champions unique powers. For the Game Leader there over 20 Titans and Lesser Immortals plus 27 legendary creatures supported by 15 types of human opponent and over 80 adventure hooks.

Age of Legends requires the 6d6 Core to play.

Ancient World, Modern Values

Age of Legends is a re-imagining of Ancient Greece. Gender roles have been modernised and the myths updated to reflect the attitudes of a modern, more equal society. The champions are chosen by the gods from every part of society and, regardless of their background, are equal.

In Age of Legends a player is free to be the hero they want to be, whoever that is, in a society which accepts their choices.

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    As sourcebooks go, it’s pretty solid. It’s not just a gazetteer or a list of gods, and it’s certainly not a font of useless setting fiction. Instead it does something rarely seen: it weaves the gods into the gameplay, making them and their wishes a tangible component of the setting. By doing this it brings the work to life. It’s not without its flaws, but the Living Document approach gives it the flexibility to address these at no cost to the buyer.

    Divorced from the 6d6 RPG system, Age of Legends can still be a handy source book. The deity profiles are solid, the deeds for favor and disfavor are good, even if I would like to see them expanded, and the plot hooks are great. All of these could be exported to any game system using classical or ancient Greece as a setting.

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