Reviews of the 6d6 RPG

Reviews …

The second edition of 6d6 RPG is fast, flexible and simple, letting the players focus on roleplay. But don’t take our word for it, checkout the reviews:

“6d6 RPG is an excellent universal role-playing game. It offers a flexible mechanic with tactical depth but is still easy to learn. … It delivers on its promise of being fast and fun.” – Sophia Brandt, Die Heart

“surprisingly intuitive” – Andrew Gridwood, Geek Native

“a real gem of a game system” – Brian I, DriveThruRPG

” Where it shines is in its Paths and Advantages, giving enough structure to skills and advancement to make complex characters, whilst encouraging roleplay” – Colin W, DriveThruRPG

“These core rules are well written and the layout is clean and modern looking.” – Ryan P, DriveThruRPG

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Praise for Age of Legends

“Instead it does something rarely seen: it weaves the gods into the gameplay, making them and their wishes a tangible component of the setting.” William J Altman,

Praise for the First Edition

“A truly incredible adaptation of the standard RPG taken to new directions” The Warden, Roleplayers Chronicle

“This is a system I definitelyrecommend checking out” Dennis, Key Our Cars

“Surprisingly flexible” Erik Tenkar, Tenkar’s Tavern

“I like the immediateness of the system for players” Paolo Cecchetto, Paper and Plastic

“A really tight little rules set that is very detailed” Morrison MP, The Rhetorical Gamer

“Strongly recommend” Princess Azalea

“The 6d6 core is a fun, lightweight system geared towards versatility and ease of use.” Vanhavoc, Troll in the Corner