Quantum Flux


Salvage Mission

It is the year 2270 and the Terran Stella Navy (TSN) salvage ship Oculas is assigned to recover the TSN Leopold, a ship thought lost nearly twenty years ago. The briefing is simple:

  • Find the ship
  • Find out what happened
  • Recover the A.I. Core
  • Either bring the ship home or scuttle it

What could possibly go wrong? (Other than a drive malfunction, killer aliens and a deranged A.I.)

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Terror In Space

Things go wrong for the team very quickly and soon the ship they came to salvage is their only hope. As they bring the long-dead ship back to life, the team quickly find that it is not the only thing they have awoken.

  • 54 pages
  • Full Colour
  • 6 Pre-Gen Characters
  • 11 Decks To Explore
  • Free To Share