Library Of Alexandra


Everything Is Yours

Everything 6d6 has published: Six unique adventures, two supplements, the 6d6 Core and Age of Legends in one money-saving bundle.

Speed and Flexibility

The 6d6 RPG is designed from the ground up to be fast to learn and flexible enough for any genre or setting. Our six standalone adventures show this off brilliantly – covering everything from the zombie apocalypse, old-school dungeons, 1920’s murder mysteries, Sci-Fi and psychological horror. They range from single session adventures to mini-campaigns and include pre-gens, unique character paths, monsters, maps and the adventure itself.

The Library of Alexandra bundle also includes the bursting-at-its-seams 100 Monster Bestiary (contents 101 full monsters and 30+ mooks). Plus, 6d6 Modern, with its 66 character paths and equipment lists for creating characters in a range of genres.

Looking for a legendary campaign? The bundle includes the 128 page campaign setting Age of Legends with character paths, monsters and gods for Ancient Greece.


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A Complete 6d6 Library

Everything we have ever published – over 600 pages of adventures, settings, supplements and rules.

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