6d6 RPG Core


Easy-To-Learn, Fast and Flexible

The 6d6 Core covers everything you need to know about the 6d6 RPG including a Quick Start guide, character generation and advice for Game Leaders.

The core rules are not tied to any particular setting or genre. Instead, the book focuses on explaining the central game mechanics of the 6d6 RPG in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. The 6d6 Modern or Age of Legends settings are need to create characters. Game Leaders may also find the 100 Monster Bestiary useful.

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Potential & Advantages

The 6d6 RPG is a game about Potential and Advantages.

Potential controls how much a character can do, and ebbs and flows from round to round. Large actions or multiple actions in one round will leave a character short on potential for the next round. Do little for a round or two and potential is built up.

Advantages are a character’s individual strengths, tricks and knowledge that they can use in an action. Individually, advantages are weak but their power comes from how they are combined. A warrior may use Brawn + Weapon Expertise + Longsword to strike an opponent; a spacecraft pilot may use Problem Solving + Navigation + Astrophysics + Computer Use to plot a course; a Private Eye may use Intimidate + Quick Wits to make a perp talk.

The power and role-playing potential of the 6d6 RPG comes from what is and is not covered in the rules. Potential is tightly defined because it keeps the game fair and balanced. Advantages and how they are combined is limited only by the player’s imagination and their ability to justify a combination to the other players.

In Depth

The 6d6 RPG is easy to learn and most players will never need to pick-up the rules book. 6d6 Core is the Game Leader who wants to really get the most out of the game.

Table of Contents

  • Quick Start
    • How To Play
    • Quick Character Creation
  • First Principles
    • Advantages
    • Potential
    • Taking Action
    • Types of Action
    • Action Scope
    • Time For Actions
    • Assisted and Extended Actions
    • Equipment In Actions
    • Damage & Recovery
    • Effects
    • Resistance
  • Combat And Movement
    • Initiative
    • Combat Rounds
    • Moving In Combat
    • Time In Combat
    • Combat Situations
    • Monsters & Mooks
    • Movement In Adventures
    • Stallions, Galleons and Hoverbikes
  • Characters
    • Character Creation
    • Points, Paths & Advantages
    • Characters & Equipment
    • Character Improvement
  • The World Around
    • Being Social
    • Hidden Secrets
    • Deceit
    • Discovery
    • Challenges
    • Traps
    • Hazards & Dangers
  • Meta-Gaming
    • Playing the Game
    • Game Skills
    • Game Leading

5 reviews for 6d6 RPG Core

  1. admin

    NOTE: Extract from an indepth review by Sophia Brandt on DieHeart.net

    6d6 RPG is an excellent universal role-playing game. It offers a flexible mechanic with tactical depth but is still easy to learn. The rules are streamlined and don’t get bogged down with endless sub-systems. It delivers on its promise on being fast and fun and having new mechanics.

    (The supplements (i.e. The Dungeon of Demon Strata) are also a very good example on how to organize a book so it’s easy for the Game Leader/Game Master to run it.)
    The book is laid out very well and has a modern, fresh look. The artwork is acceptable but as it’s mostly photography it’s not very evocative.

    I really like the open approach: the content is under a Creative-Commons-license and you can edit on the website. You are legally allowed to share the PDF with friends and you’ll get a Living Document promise. It’s great to see that you can read everything for free on the publisher’s website.

    On the downside, the core book doesn’t contain the character Advantage Paths, so you can’t build a character with this book. Also, there are no monsters, you’ll need the 100 Monster Bestiary for that.

    Again, you can get this stuff on the website but it would have been nice to see it included in the core book. If you want to play other genres, there might be some work you need to do. The character creation book with the list of Advantages is only available for a modern setting, so you need to adjust these and take some from the genre-related adventure books to build characters for other types of games.

  2. admin

    Note: Extract from a longer review by Andrew Gridwood on Geek Native

    The 120-paged book has everything you need to run a game. It’s a smart system. As I said; it’s a smart system that lives in another smart system – that of supplements and support. If you’ve an idea to test out a setting or a type of game then 6d6 Core will enable you to do it.

    On the other hand, if you’re out of ideas and need your imagination brought to life by reading about a compelling setting, a world of adventure or the challenge against evil then these core rules, by themselves, won’t do it. If you’re all out of ideas then you’ll need to bundle the 6d6 Core with one of the many supplements.

    Overall? I think you’ll have a gut feeling for 6d6 Core before you even click the buy button. If you suspect you’ll like it – you will. If you suspect you’ll be able to live well with 6d6’s publishing model – you will. If you suspect you’ll need a more traditional model – you will, for now at least. I really do think there are elements here that indicate where the RPG industry is moving to.

  3. admin

    Full review originally posted by Brian I. on DriveThruRPG

    6d6 has quickly become my go-to game (or one of my top go-to games anyway) over the last 5 months. I found it very easy to read and grok between the format and writing. It’s got a nice blend of old- and new-school “-isms”, and I think presents a very mature outlook on some things like game leadership, group dynamics, and open book gaming.

    The use of “Potential” to drive PC actions as an “in character” throttle vs more out of character solutions (like fate points or such) seems innovative, and is working very well for my play groups. It feels like it really builds characterization as players use their potential to conduct actions, and determine how to mix and apply their PC’s Advantages to solve any given challenge.

    I think this is a real gem of a game system, with a lot of value, and highly recommend checking it out. The rules and materials can be read and previewed for free at the publisher’s website.

  4. admin

    Full review originally posted by Colin W. on DriveThruRPG

    I’ve been looking for an RPG that emphasised roleplaying over adherence to rules and 6d6 Core caught my interest. Where it shines is in its Paths and Advantages, giving enough structure to skills and advancement to make complex characters, whilst encouraging roleplay through imaginative combinations of skills to accomplish tasks. It keeps the players active and involved! The rulebook itself is well written and uncluttered.

  5. admin

    Extract from longer review on DriveThru RPG by Ryan P.

    6d6 is more gamey than a lot of systems I’ve played, employing the element of using a character’s traits to narratively add to the d6 dice pool that resolves actions, while restricting the availability and refresh rate of the character’s potential to utilize these traits. This adds a strategic aspect to dice rolls that represents a character’s limited ability to act and react. I haven’t tried this genre neutral system in a more fantastic or pulpy setting, but my impression is that it is well suited for realistic, approaching gritty, settings, even with streamlined mechanics common to less simulationist, story based games.

    These core rules are well written and the layout is clean and modern looking. The text is extensively hyperlinked, including the table of contents, glossary, and index, and easy to navigate on a variety of devices. The opening Quick Start chapter provides players with a rundown of the vocabulary and mechanics necessary to comfortably approach their first game of 6d6 using pregenerated characters created by the game leader or taken from a published scenario. Also included is a section on character creation utilizing the archetypes and life paths presented in setting books such as 6d6 Modern.

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