Last Stand of the Dream Guard

A Tragedy of Broken Dreams

The Nightmare War is lost as the handful of surviving Dream Guard make their last stand. After years of bitter conflict, the warrior toys of the Dream Guard face their final night of battle and regrets.

Last Stand of the Dream Guard is a tragic story of the Nightmare War’s final battle. This single session adventure for 6d6 2nd edition, guides 3 to 6 players in exploring the story of the war through flashbacks amongst the brutal fighting. What do the nightmares want? Why do they hate you so much? How did it all go so badly wrong?

The story builds quickly with prompts and cues which guide the players through the war’s beginnings and how it all came to an end tonight. The adventure comes with 20 new Toy & Guard paths allowing players to create unique Dream Guards – deadly toys whose valiant defence of the Dreamlands is doomed to failure.

The sun is setting and the nightmares come when darkness falls. How will you greet death?

Hurry Towards That Dark Red Dawn

  • 28 Pages
  • Full colour
  • 20 New Character Paths
  • 3 Unique Nightmare Monsters
  • Living Document Promise
  • Free To Share

Order The Last Stand of the Dream Guard on December 11th 2019